Portland–a vegan paradise!


I totally belong in Portland


This post is a bit more about my life and a bit less about cooking. After living in the Pacific Northwest for almost two years, I decided I should probably explore the area. Especially since I’ll be moving to San Francisco in two months—yikes! *Deep breaths, Courtney, you can do this*

Anywho, the boyfriend and I decided to venture to Portland, OR. Our plans for the weekend: EAT. Oh man, so awesome. Adam found a fabulous place to stay via airbnb (if you haven’t tried out this fantastic website, give it a look!). We stayed in a great vegan-friendly house, complete with nutritional yeast on the counter next to a vitamix, almond butter in the fridge, and an adorable guest house in the back. It was completely perfect! We arrived late on Friday night after a beautiful drive.

DSC_0074 (1)

Smooches on the drive over!

We originally planned to attend an early morning yoga class, followed by breakfast and a hike up Mt Tabor. Aaaaaand then we slept until 9:30. Welp, that meant yoga was out. Instead, we went straight to breakfast! A win-win? Possibly.

We headed to Harlow in the Hawthorne District. And that’s where the real fun began! I was almost overwhelmed with all the options. Should I get the special? Because, well, it’s special? Or do I get a big ol’ breakfast bowl of tempeh, guacamole, cilantro, and some sort of savory sauce? Both options would have made my entire day, so I went with my gut and asked for the special—the pistachio pancakes, covered in a pistachio cream sauce and apple compote. Are you kidding me?! Glorious. The pancakes were just the right amount of sweet, perfected with a drizzle of maple syrup.


Pistachio Pancakes

For lunch we headed to Prasad, the sister restaurant of Harlow. The adorably quaint restaurant shares a space with a yoga studio, and serves ridiculously scrumptious food. Once again I found myself torn between multiple choices. Both Adam and I wanted to try the Brahma Bowl (choice of rice or quinoa, steamed greens, Garam Masala stew with potatoes, peas, tomatoes, spinach and coconut milk), but we couldn’t choose between everything else. So what did we do? I ordered the Brahma Bowl and Adam made his decision by simply looking at the names. Which is why he ended up with the Dragon Bowl (choice of rice or quinoa, beans, sea vegetables, avocado, steamed greens, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, scallions & kimchi). Gotta love the way my man thinks! I have to admit, though both were freaking fabulous, we both preferred the melding of the flavors in the Brahma Bowl. It was just so darn good!


Brahma Bowl

adam lunch

I forgot to take a picture of Adam’s lunch of the Dragon Bowl, so this happened… yuuuuup. Such a goofball.

We planned on grabbing a donut or two (or 12) at Voodoo Donuts, but the line was wrapped around the corner. And people, please believe that I love a good donut just as much as the next guy, but there’s no way I’m waiting in a Disneyland-style line just for a baked good. Not when I’ve been able to make some pretty darn good desserts on my own. Nope, no way. So instead we saved our appetites for dinner. Amazingly unstoppable dinner.

If you are in Portland, GO TO PORTOBELLO! Portobello Vegan Trattoria has such an awesome ambience that adds to the amazing food that is offered. The distressed wood walls and the intimate setting immediately filled me with all those warm fuzzy feelings of happiness and romance. Well, the romance might have been due to dining with my handsome boyfriend, but whatevs.

We ordered some drinks: I requested the “I Found the Rum, It was Hiding in the Coconut Milk,” and Adam ordered an Old Fashioned. Both were as equally strong as they were delicious. Awesome-sauce! Out came the Pommes Frites with a delicious curry catsup on the side—which is on my to-make list for this weekend!


Mushroom Risotto

And then the entrees. I chose the mushroom risotto. The creamy, dreamy, steamy (what?) mushroom risotto. Adam ordered the gorgeously fluffy gnocchi. I tried it and it melted right in my mouth. So awesome! We ordered the tiramisu, but had to get it to-go, as there simply wasn’t any room left for dessert! It was devoured the next day and did not disappoint, even after sitting for 24 hours. That’s how good it was.

adam dinner


Needless to say, Portland is the place to go if you are looking for a food-venture. I wish we had stayed for a whole week just for the food!


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